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Available Housing Vacancies

Currently, we have two vacancies for confidential co-operative style living, available to protective mothers and their children, through Hearts Home Foundation. See below:

#1. Private furnished apartment - $550/month rent plus monthly utilities

This is a private, and fairly secluded, custom apartment in a woodsy setting. The apartment can come fully or partially furnished for convenience and easy move in.

It has a full kitchen, bathroom with tub and shower, dining area, living room, bedroom with a sleeping loft, and seperate child's playing and sleeping lofts. There is also a laundry room with a washer and dryer included, to be shared with another protective mother. The home is heated primarily by propane, and the utilities are not included in the rent.

This unit is not your conventional apartment, but is unique and has some country charm. It is freshly painted and wallpapered. It is suitable for a single mother with one or two small children. There is possible garden space and it is located in a scenic area.

#2. Work-exchange furnished room(s) - $0/month rent plus monthly utilites, with salary for work

This opportunity is for a no-cost room plus a small salary for WORK as a live-in assistant to another protective mother, in a rural secluded home. Another small bedroom is available for one child, also at no-cost. Utilities and food are not included. Childcare is available and negotiable. Contact us for more information.

Rental Information

Both openings are situated in a great community with excellent public school programs, charter school, homeschool, or K-8 part-time homeschool/part-time attendance school program. There is an established network of protective parent support available to tenants in need. Built-in childcare is available and negotiable as a cooperative option.

Perspective occupants are invited to inquire for further information and application by email. The exact location is kept confidential as a protective measure, and dislosed to approved applicants only at the end of the interview process. Priority will be determined with consideration per the following eligibilty criteria:
  1. need for a safe home for self and children
  2. willingness to protect confidentiality and safety from re-abuse
  3. maintenance of family home environment with high standards
  4. refrains from use of all alcohol, drugs, or smoking
  5. refrains from having unauthorized guests
  6. ability and desire to relocate
  7. length of rental term desired
  8. ability to pay ongoing agreed rent and/or utilities

Rental rates are set in part by income level (or savings) and need. The rentals are for the most part furnished. Weekly rental plus utilities, for emergency short-term stays, are negotiable. Middle to higher income single parents may also apply, at slightly highy rates. Security deposits are equal to first rental payment, and may be negotiable per needs. Rental agreements will be month-to-month for long term, or week-to-week for short term stays. Special exceptions and scholarships may be possible at times for those in need, when available.

To apply for rental, please inquire by email for an application, and phone interview. References may be required.